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When businesses require customized audio recordings for their projects, many rely on Audio Wharf for these services. Whether the need is to increase productivity, knowledge, provide basic to advanced job training, insure safety in the workplace, etc., these are the areas in which our narration services shine. And there are times when instructional presentations are also effective tools that can be used for clients, product users, students and others. These types of narration recordings can be produced for a multitude of marketing objectives. Kerry is our in-house, female voice talent who narrates course materials and other projects with an attention-holding touch that is professional and personable. The audio samples to the right demonstrate different voice-over styles and types of narration for learning, training, etc.

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e-Learning Narration Demos

Tutorial Sample (mp3)
Youthful-Sounding Female Voice

Industrial eLearning Narration (mp3)

Conversational Female Narrator

Employee Training and Education:

From web-based tutorials to multimedia presentations to podcasts, clients and educational facilities can provide options for employees or students to listen to course materials. Presenting training information quickly, accurately and thoroughly enables employees to become more productive and effective in the work place.

Recordings can be used in a classroom setting or offered with time-shifted options for more convenience for the student or employee. An employee can access training videos and presentations via websites, a presentation or a podcast, giving these students the flexibility of viewing educational content at any time.

Our goal and approach is to make the e-learning narration experience come together quickly and skillfully keeping on time delivery of a finished narration at an affordable price. Our female narrator, Kerry, keeps busy providing training narration for a variety of industries. Clients appreciate that she knows how to deliver course material in a pacing and voice that keeps the employee, end user or student engaged and absorbing the material.

Tutorials For Clients, Product Users, Students, Etc.

Technology makes it possible to have many ways to gather information or receive training and updated information about products, services, changes in the workplace, etc.. By utilizing the Internet, creating presentations, videos or podcasts, a variety of objectives can be met through the use of these information delivery systems.

Let Audio Wharf work together with your marketing, advertising, technical support, human resources, public relations and other teams to create innovative, highly effective and easy to use recorded instructional or marketing recordings.

Our studio offers:
Full Audio Production Services
Script Narration
Podcast Narration

For use with:
Web Training Modules
Software Tutorials
PowerPoint Presentations
Flash Presentations
Training Applications
Audio Manuals
Corporate Training Videos
Educational Videos
Marketing and Multimedia

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