Radio Advertising Facts and Figures

· More than 600 million radios are being used in the U.S.
· An average U.S. household has 5.6 radio receivers
· Every week radio reaches 96% of people 12 and over
· People 12 and over listen to the radio more than 3.2 hours daily
· There are over 13,500 registered radio stations in the U.S.

Why Radio is So Effective

· Radio is a mobile medium
· It Delivers a captive audience
· Specific demographics are highly targetable
· 73% of Adults listen in their cars daily
· And radio is a great source of news information for listeners

The average daily time spent with each medium of entertainment for persons 12+ from Monday through Friday 6 AM to 6 PM are:

· 44% listening to the radio
· 41% watching TV
· 10% reading newspapers
· 5% reading magazines

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