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Professional recordings can assist a business in
Sounding Professional
when customers are calling

Professional voice recordings for telephone systems save time and are very efficient at directing callers to their destination. They also insure that the phone gets picked up in a timely manor.

The first contact someone has with a business is often the auto-attendant. It makes sense to have that recording sound professional. Recorded greetings are an effective and expeditious way to route incoming calls when company representatives can't pick up the phone allowing callers to leave their message in a voicemail box for a return call.

Customized on-hold messages or advertising messages engage callers who are holding. With these recordings a business has the opportunity to use that time spent on-hold as a way to inform callers about a business, it's services and products. It's an opportunity for marketing and advertising that can't be beat!

Take a listen to some of the phone recordings we create on a regular basis:

There are good reasons to greet your customers with professional phone recordings.

- These pre-recorded messages are able to pick up and answer calls coming into to the office quickly.

- Recorded greetings can create a professional sound for business and when used throughout the phone system provide continuity and consistency.

- Recordings are clear, concise and consistent for all auto-attendants and greetings.

- Some businesses may benefit by sounding larger than they are through the use of additional extensions.

- For marketing or on-hold messages (advertising while callers are holding), these customized recordings are golden opportunities to talk to customers, one-on-one, about the things you'd really like them to know but maybe don't always have the opportunity or time to discuss. It's a chance to offer callers valuable information about your company or organization, products and services and provide solutions for their needs, even mention new products. These messages can cross-promote products and services. They may also alert customers to specials, sales or product upgrades, new store hours, etc.. And very importantly - callers are never left wondering if they're still connected.

- Music On-Hold recordings are a way to give callers something pleasant to listen to while holding thus reassuring them that their call will be answered as soon as a representitive is able to. These recordings cost less than the fully customized on-hold messages and come with a variety of "Thanks for calling 'Our Company', we'll be with you shortly" messages played at regular intervals.

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- How does your phone system play back messages, greetings, prompts and other phone recordings? Does your phone system use a particular type of audio file? If you need "dial-in" services because your system does not accept or have the ability to input an audio files we can call into your system and remotely record your greetings from our office.

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