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How to make Phone Recordings Work Effectively!

Using recorded phone messages, companies are expanding ways to connect with their callers whether it's a new customer or a loyal patron. But callers can get impatient or frustrated with the process when not speaking to a live receptionist. Some of the reasons for caller frustration are confusing keypress options, poor navigation within the system or a lack of viable options. Even messages that go on for too long.

Carefully considering the main navigation and sub-menus help to create smooth transitions between initial contact and ultimate destination.

Make use of expeditious auto-attendant directions

The more you can provide instant access to the information and services a caller needs, the more satisfying the experience. If you carefully review your regular customer interactions you'll be able to effectively map out phone directories that meet the needs of the majority of callers. Being selective is important, as automating the things people don't care about creates unnecessary delays and frustration. Bottom line - get to the point quickly.

Above all - Make it easy and quick

Pay attention to the number of options you offer and create subdirectories where needed. Have your employees routinely give clientele who call often, the bypass options for the auto-attendant greetings if possible. "If you know your party's extension, please dial it now"... could be a good option.

Speak plainly to your callers

Save the insider jargon, abbreviations and acronyms for internal use. Make it a priority to know what your customers commonly call your products or services.

Make it easy for callers to reach the operator, a representative or agent

Add a 'press zero at any time' option or something similar to facilitate the fastest connection.

Treat callers respectfully

You'll be amazed by the difference that a pleasant, trained voice and the occasional 'please' and 'thank you' will make in the caller's willingness to use an automated system.

Consider offering Spanish language prompts

This offers information to a different customer base.

And finally, review greetings and prompts from time to time to insure that they coincide with current business operations and update them as necessary.

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